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United Carpets
  • From broadcast to personalised media, we plan and buy the full plethora of media for United Carpets. They’re on TV and radio 48 weeks a year, so we make sure it cuts through and reaches new audiences at all stages of the purchase funnel
  • We also use more targeted media with leaflets in key drive times and retail footprints as well as PPC, there’s also directional OOH and other local media to support store openings
National Boat Shows

Organisers of the London & Southampton Boat Shows, two of the largest events of their type in the world. Both shows are attended by over 100,000 hard to reach AB males and our role is to generate sponsorship revenues from non-marine companies.

Some of the work that Gusto individuals have recently been involved in:

Tile Mountain
  • Tile Mountain are a relatively young online-only retailer where we were tasked with showing them the growth and ROI potential of traditional media to rapidly develop their business
  • Regional TV campaigns were used to test the viability of offline support for PPC, and we used linear as well as programmatic buying with Sky’s AdSmart product where we were able to use national satellite stations regionally and target consumers using mosaic lifestyle, home ownership and life stage data
  • All the time we’ve been analysing the ROI through sales and traffic to measure the effectiveness of each element and what affect the TV and OOH has had not just directly but on natural SEO results and PPC ROI
Wren Kitchens

The first UK Company to benefit from our unique approach to media implementation. The company, established by Malcolm Healy of Schreiber, Hygena and Meadowhall fame, within months of it’s launch in 2013 became the largest growing kitchen furniture brand in the market.

SAS and Company – 1D ‘our moment’ fragrance launch
  • The task was to launch the first fragrance from 1D into the competitive celebrity fragrance market, generating demand not only amongst teenage girls, but driving awareness and purchase amongst gifters at Christmas. So it had to be a campaign with multiple touchpoints and layers to build rapid awareness, excitement and anticipation but ultimately, sales.
  • In print we eschewed page formats and devised different formats for each title. And a low budget TV campaign with big announcement spots in X Factor when the boys were on the show, drove huge spikes in online traffic and sales as well as offline sales.
  • Online we amplified the social media activity, delivering qualified traffic to retailers. The numbers of engagements generated were in their millions, from fans to mums. And for those who shopped in the old fashioned ways we used outdoor as directional point of purchase in key malls
  • The results were spectacular, delivering huge anticipation, awareness and most importantly the fragrance was the biggest ever celebrity fragrance launch, smashing the client’s sales expectations